Aug 29

John Baizley & Sebastian Thomson of Baroness discussed US tour, Purple & art


Savannah, GA metal band Baroness is currently touring the US in support of their new album Purple and last Saturday night they stop by the Crescent Ballroom in Downtown Phoenix, AZ for a sold out show that delivered a fun-filled night of glorious good music to the crowd that attended the show.  Read the rest of this entry »

Aug 26

Delain – Moonbathers (2016)


There are some albums out there that impact upon your life in a very  singular way, some of their lyrics speak to you and for an odd reason, they reflect on what is going in your life at that very moment. Delain‘s new album Moonbathers is that kind of album for me at this moment. We can say in the technical side of it that is the heaviest album that Delain has released so far, and that it keeps the same line of sound of The Human Contradiction which reflects the band’s ever-evolving signature sound.

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Aug 25

Mark Jansen of Epica discussed The Holographic Principle


Epica‘s 7th studio album The Holographic Principle will be released on September 30th via Nuclear Blast Records. The album continues the scientific trail that inspired their latest album The Quantum Enigma (2014), this time around the idea behind the album is the virtual reality theory which questions whether our current reality is some kind of virtual reality on itself, a hologram. Which implies the existence of a ‘higher reality’ which we are unaware of its existence.

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Aug 22

Martijn Westerholt of Delain discussed Moonbathers


Moonbathers is Delain‘s 5th studio album and by far the heaviest record they have released as to date. Moonbathers‘s continues where The Human Contradiction left off. Even though the sound is quite similar we must argue that this new album has more punch and more aggressiveness as guitar players Timo Somers and new guitar player Merel Bechtold both brings powerful guitar licks to each one of the songs and Charlotte Wessels‘s new growling vocals definitely, adds a dark aura to the album. Read the rest of this entry »

Aug 15

Seven Heads Ten Horns – The Foreshadowing (2016)

The Foreshadowing - Seven Heads Ten Horns

The Foreshadowing has dropped a new album called Seven Heads Ten Horns, and while being worthwhile listen it definitely has some room to explore improvements. A gothic doom metal band hailing from Rome, Italy they are somewhat new to the game only officially starting in 2005 with their full-length debut. I felt the 80s’ and gothic doom metal influences as well as some folk mixed in throughout the tracks. Read the rest of this entry »

Aug 11

Sodom – Decision Day (2016)

Sodom_Decision Day_1500x1500px

Sodom has unleashed a new beast. Their new album Decision Day introduces a new demon to the larger picture, but it’s still hell that Sodom describes. They use Sodom’s trademark thrash velocity, but at times it’s diminished by a combination of melody and groove. Overall, this is by far the most unique Sodom album. While it doesn’t lose its rioting charm, it’s apparent that Sodom is still venturing out even in their legacy. But don’t think that they softened on you because Sodom aren’t leaders of thrash for no reason. Read the rest of this entry »

Aug 08

The Summer Slaughter 2016 show review (Baltimore, MD – Ram’s Head /07/27/16)


Well now… Summer Slaughter is a decade old and what better way to celebrate than have one of the most legendary and iconic death metal bands headline your tour.  This year American Satan presents Cannibal Corpse and Nile on this year’s tenth Summer Slaughter tour and one of the most brutal and death metal focused packages to dates.   Read the rest of this entry »

Aug 03

Jay Evans of Ingested discussed new music at Summer Slaughter Tour


One of the bands I was looking most forward to seeing at Summer Slaughter was Ingested. This is a modern death metal band I grew to appreciate, and I only heard great things about their live set. It was their first time playing in Tampa, so this show was gargantuan for them. And even as a new band, they brought the slaughter! Read the rest of this entry »

Aug 01

Staif Bihl & Rachel Aspe of Eths discussed Ankka


It’s interesting to see the number of bands you can find at a festival like Hellfest, even bands that are not in the bill are sometimes there just promoting their albums of just enjoying the live sets. We were lucky enough to come across with French extreme metal band Eths who was just hanging out and getting some press done for their new album Ankka. Read the rest of this entry »

Jul 30

One Foot in the Grave show review (Mesa, AZ 07/25/16)


On Monday, July 25 the One Foot in the Grave tour played at Club Red. The lineup for the night was Night Demon, Ghoul, Crowbar, and Carcass. I was really excited to see Carcass and Night Demon again and to check out Ghoul and Crowbar. For this show, the bands played on the bigger side of Club Red, which was great since there was a photo pit. When I walked into the venue, there was already a good amount of concertgoers considering it was a Monday. Read the rest of this entry »

Jul 28

David Davidson of Revocation discusses Great Is Our Sin at the Summer Slaughter Tour


Revocation is a band that changes dramatically with each album. This is a band that’s relatively new in their careers, yet has created a legacy behind their ever fluctuating sound. Whether it’s with talent or force, Revocation is the band that stands out the most in modern day metal. Read the rest of this entry »

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